Group Overview
      The predecessor of Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. It has become a modernization large private enterprise,which takes the capital as the link and based on industry, with over 30 subsidiaries.The total registered capital of Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group and its member is up to 1.5 billion RMB. The existing staffs are more than 3,300 people, the middle and senior technical titles take  up 40% of the total employees, 80% are above junior college level.  

       Hongfa Group always adhering to the core values of “Honest, moral and pragmatic, united and promising”, keeping in mind with the “Delicacy to bases, honesty to trust” business ideas. Sticking out the five business modules of construction, real estate, education, finance and health ecology.

       Municipal investment and construction sectors have "First-grade general contractor of highway engineering construction, First-grade general contractor of house architecture engineering construction, First-grade general contractor of municipal public engineering construction, three construction general contracting qualifications and six contractor qualifications," urban landscape Grade A 'qualification, the total length of roads constructed over 900 kilometers, a total of over 300 bridge construction. Annual output of 5 million tons of cement in Guangdong Hongfeng Cement Ltd. has been put into operation.

       Real estate development sector has a "real estate development Secondary qualification", 13 development projects, land reserves over 4 million square meters. The main projects are the source of  Ding Feng Shangjing, Huizhou Ding Feng Guohui mountain, Kaboos International Plaza, where the source of Ding Feng was awarded "China's top ten super luxury" title.

       Culture and education sector from kindergarten to university is committed to building a one-stop education chain. The main projects are the City College of Dongguan University invested 2 billion yuan in Dongguan, Allison kindergarten and wide outside attached with the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies jointly Qingyuan foreign language schools.

       Financial Services Sector Investment Project Type involve fund management, funds, insurance, banking, pawn shops and small loans, investment in the region covering Guangdong, Guangxi, and many parts of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. Innovation Fund has invested SDIC, Southern Trust tripod letter, Shaanxi Coal SDIC Fund and other funds, equity bank, Dongguan agricultural businesses, rural credit cooperatives and other banks Nanning city of Dongguan.

       Ecological health sector involved in sanitation, health, ecology, tourism and other business areas, the Group's investment in an area of 1453 acres of Dongguan International Health Industrial City; investment in an area of about 3,000 acres of Xinfeng spa tourism resort projects; Zengcheng, Guangzhou Parc Village Resort the first demonstration farmhouse hotel; QiShi diamond star Peninsula hotel, Huangshan Taiping Lake North Gate tower Ridge Peninsula and other projects are in development and construction.

       Hongfa Group always adhere its duty to innovation development, enthusiastic education and repaying the society, support the public welfare business. On January 2013, Guangdong  Hong Fa Charity  Foundation was established, the charity will be unified operation of various charitable projects outside the group. Until  September 2014, the accumulative total social charity donation is over 80 million RMB. 

      In the future, Hongfa Group will continue to obey the principles of integrity, innovation, and strive to become a live Flows, evergreen hundred years!


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