Group Overview

Hard work Pays off, it is not easy to succeed.     

      Thirty years of hard work, thirty years of struggling and thirty years of practical enterprising made the achievements of today’s Hongfa! Hongfa’s moving forward along the way is inseparable from the support and collaboration of the community and the partners from all Hongfa people’s efforts and struggle with all of one mind.

Guided with morals, behaved with genuineness.
      Moral is the founding of Hongfa, is the core value.
      Facing with the rapidly changing market, Hongfa people are always adhering to the spirit of “ Honest, moral and pragmatic, united and promising”, keeping in mind the “ Delicacy to bases, honesty to trust” business ideas, always with grateful heart, always thinking of the heavy responsibility fell on our shoulders, dedicating ourselves in building a respected company and brand.
      Genuineness is Hongfa’s fine tradition and style which is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of the enterprise.
      There is no fluke success and only through surefooted efforts, real paying out, step by step, can our business go farther and higher.
Swan Wings, Build an Evergreen Foundation
      Looking ahead, Hongfa Group will abide by the principle of good faith and strive to build a century enterprise with everlasting running water and evergreen foundation.

                         Mai Zhaorong     CEO of Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group
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