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Construction Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong hung high
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       Construction Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Honggao predecessor was founded in September 1986, formerly known as Stone iron Kong enterprises in Dongguan City construction company, in June 2002, after the restructuring was renamed Dongguan Hong high Construction Limited. Through years of scientific management and all staff's unremitting efforts, and gradually established in the Guangdong Province construction industry a competitive advantage, and in June 2011, Dongguan market Kau Hongfa Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Hongxiang construction engineering test detects Ltd., Dongguan Humen Weiyuan Island Island Road construction Co., Ltd. jointly founded the high-hung construction Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong, became affiliated with Hongfa investment Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong two group companies.
       At present, the group has developed into a high-hung highway construction general contractor Class, total housing construction contractor Class, municipal public works construction general contractor Class, pavement engineering contractor level, roadbed engineering contractor level, bridge engineering contractor level, tunnel engineering contractor level, urban and road lighting engineering contractor level the three construction general contracting qualifications and large construction enterprises contracted five professional qualifications. Enterprises registered capital of three million.
       Honggao Group general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors of Hongfa Investment Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong, under the chief engineer, management contracts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Engineering Technology, materials, equipment, the Ministry of Human Resources eight departments and 19 branches. Company staff of 929 people, including: engineering and technical management staff of 650 people, the cost of registration, registered safety engineer and a registered architect 50 people, two registered construction division 55, 74 senior titles, intermediate grade 158 people, various certificates staff of 180 people.
       Honggao Group has a large bridge precast plant, the monthly production capacity of 1000 slab, output will reach 28 million. UNRWA hung high road when the group has a flat-yield 320 tons of asphalt mixing plant 5, asphalt paver 8, US imports of cement concrete paver (maximum paving width of 11.25 m) a desk and a variety of road bridge machinery and equipment 257 (sets), the total power of 15,871 kilowatts, equipment worth 200 million yuan or more.
       Hung high group with their strong comprehensive strength in the municipal road and bridge projects, have undertaken a number of highways in the province and Dongguan municipal road construction. In construction projects, mainly the construction of a new campus in Dongguan Sports School, Hongfa Building, Qaboos International Plaza, Peninsula Hotel Diamond, gold chair Verde, Ding building materials, the total urban sewage treatment plant in Dongguan City, Phase III construction contract engineering, Ding Feng Shang territory, the new campus of city College of Dongguan University project and other projects. The project is more than 80% were rated as excellent works, and for many years was awarded the "taxpayer" glorious title of local government.
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