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Dongguan Hong sterile Logistics Services Ltd.
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       Dongguan Hong sterile Logistics Services Ltd. currently provides logistical support for the City College of Dongguan University of Technology. The company belongs to Guangdong Hongfa Group subsidiaries, in August 2012 formally incorporated.
       David educating logistics services company located in Dongguan City, Liao Bu Town, Dongguan City College Institute of Technology, the company employees 280 people, is divided into five major centers: service centers, property service centers, security service centers, apartment service center, catering service center. David educating logistics services company in the group leadership attaches great importance to and strong support to the "Matilda, pragmatism, unity and promising service teachers and logistical support" for the purpose, through the people-oriented, with teachers and students as the center of logistics service concept, continuously improve logistics management level, to provide a solid logistical support for the work of school for teachers and students to provide a quality of logistics services, implementation of enterprise management mode, and gradually establish intensive, scientific, social service system.

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