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Allison International Kindergarten
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       Allison International Kindergarten (Ellieson International Kindergarten), the Education Investment Co., Ltd., Dongguan City Hongfa effort to build a "high standard, high-quality," the international boutique nursery, located in Dongguan University of New City College school district.
        Enjoy 1,200 acres scholarly environment of higher learning, only 5,000 square Tai Yong Park venue. Nearby East, South City, Songshan Lake, Liaobu town, convenient transportation, located ecological green line, a unique international style architecture, something compatible cultural environment healthy growth of children's achievements style homes, academy, park.
        Sunshine international education, to make a sensible thanksgiving, Scienscope independent, self-confident people exchanges. Is committed to building a class of kindergarten at the provincial level, relying on advanced educational philosophy and quality education resources, let the children create an elegant experience in life, trust and tolerance, confidence in special courses in brewing, flexible and innovative, fun outdoor game in bloom flexibility and curiosity, an international talent viable civilization gregarious, confident communication.

1. Our philosophy
        (A) The purpose of the office park
       "Strengthening the power of love, carrying a child's dream."
        Love office park, choose the top teachers, first-class environment, gather the power of love, care for children's physical and mental development, care of the child's growth and progress, so that every parent peace of mind at ease, so that every child happy enthusiastic. With professional education, cosmopolitan atmosphere, creating children's DreamWorks, carrying a child's dream, a dream to help every child realize their dreams. 
        (B) The office park concept
       "Raising children love Zhen good growth"
        Selfless love, the essence of be tolerant to diversity, inclusiveness, Jan China's cultural legacy, Kam-Western, with extensive love, Dead Poets Society, in order to do Garden. Office Park Road, in training young, in Mingming, reaching perfection, the pursuit of excellence. Parents work together to child-centered, communicate with each other, Young children's talent, lack of child change, the training to improve the child character, work together, a total of educating children grow.

        (C) Office Park Target
       "International Small citizen incubator"
        Faced with international and globalized environment, the introduction of outstanding kindergarten teachers at home and abroad, learn the essence of Western education, foster and create an international atmosphere, the goal is to create an international small incubator citizens, young children of international awareness, Ming International Culture and etiquette, international living environment for the future that can calmly face, confident self.
        (D) Training objectives
      "Sunshine international education, to make a sensible thanksgiving, Scienscope independent, self-confident people communicate."
        In international education, so that children such as sun bathing, inspiring, healthy growth in happy environment, fostering children healthy personality, learn to be independent self-care, critical thinking, keep good Thanksgiving, teamwork Ability children can live in harmony with others, confidently exchange.

2. Our education
       Truly international education should be a blend of Chinese and Western cultures, is integrated into the child's values, is the interpretation of gestures between the child, the child is able to constructively resolve interpersonal conflicts of quality education, while cross-cultural communication skills, good thinking the ability to explore the courage but also for children for life. We will use the scientific enlightenment, science tutorials, scientific management and excellent team of teachers to achieve a truly international education.
       (A) bilingual education, to achieve international standards.
       English weather scenarios themed environment, foreign teachers bishop, the membership tracking spoken teacher training.
       Introduce a comprehensive international culture, etiquette, let the children nurtured in the subtle, let the children elegant taste.
       The timing of an international exchange, foreign exchange platform to build, expand horizons child into the world.
       Hong Kong Drama English courses on professional support to enhance the child's self-confidence, develop children's skills.
       (B) the variety of activities platform, but also the children a real childhood.
       International happier holiday party, a window to understand the world of culture.
       Brilliant English drama rehearsal, the children's stage show themselves.
       Big eye-opener for the international summer camp, the children into the international bridge.
       (C) Interest personalized custom service, let the children diversification.
       Choose a variety of interests, Hong Kong drama in English, Orff music, children's soccer, golf, creative art, dance, piano, skating and so on.
       Professional development coaching team to give personalized professional advice.
       Well-known art instructors provide personalized professional guidance based on child development and parent specialty requirements.
       (D) the introduction of foreign experience, to carry out child survival training
       Per semester for outdoor or outdoor activities, games and play with the form, the children's survival training, to teach children to master the basic survival of life knowledge, training hard, solidarity and cooperation of quality, exercise independent work, the ability to live independently, stimulate the children's self-confidence and courage to overcome difficulties.
3. Our teachers

       (A) Our teachers through rigorous professional examination and have a multicultural background, pre-college education, more than three years of work experience is necessary to join the nursery.
       (B) Our teachers focus on the child's individual potential and to provide the most appropriate individualized education guidance based on your child's development.
       (C) our pre-service teachers through professional training system, each teacher's expertise and the quality of training to achieve our goals.
       (D) our class teacher to implement the dual management system, each class with a foreign teacher and a teacher in the membership, comes all the characteristics of teachers and a nursery teacher.

4. Supporting our Yasunori

        (A) healthy nutritious meals, international flavors culture.
        1, professional nutritionists customize recipes, recipes nutrients were measured monthly check to ensure that the balanced nutrition. (In addition to daily meals outside with nuts, fruit, milk, etc.).
        2, all food and ingredients are sourced green organic food, make sure the kids eat healthy.
        3, weekly Western cultural experience, let the children experience the food culture of different countries, different dishes taste, young children international tastes.

        (B) the top school bus, safe travel.
        Learn from the United States and Japan, school bus safety system, in particular the introduction of the top high school bus safety, and is equipped with a veteran school bus driver. In addition to safeguard the child's safety on the way outside, adorable school bus to get your child on the road is no longer lonely.

        (C) the indoor air purification, to reduce the chance of cross-infection.
        For the sake of children's health, our class is equipped with an air purifier to reduce air impurities and bacteria, increasing the oxygen saturation, can reduce the collective chances of cross-contamination in the environment.
5. Registration Process
        1, telephone or on-site consultation.
        2. Fill in the application form and interview.
        3, submit admission application materials: Student birth certificate (this account, passport may be) a copy of a recent student-inch red background color photo 6, students recently proved healthy originals, copies of vaccination records.
        4, to pay tuition.
        5, to receive supplies and uniforms.

6. Contact
  Address: Dongguan Songshan Lake Avenue Wenchang Road 1 (City College of Dongguan University New Campus)
  Enrollment Hotline: 18002982656
  Click to go to the official website »

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