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Longmen Royal Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.
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       Longmen Royal Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group member companies, was established in March 31, 2011. The company is located in Huizhou City Longmen County, is a development of modern agriculture, modern agriculture planting carried out for the core business of agricultural enterprises with a registered capital of 5 million yuan.
       Currently, the company building a large-scale hog farms in Longmen standardized Longhua Town, with a large vegetable planting base in the town of Longmen Eikan.
       The company is committed to the establishment of efficient use of resources and environmental protection based on sustainable agricultural production systems. Persist in the "3R" (reduce, reuse, recycle) principle guidance to biogas production as a link, create multiple symbiotic species, multi-level quality can use recycled materials and eco-agriculture model, namely: the breeding base through biogas through anaerobic fermentation system, the waste treatment and disposal, the biogas produced for pig production and life energy, biogas, biogas fruits and vegetables as organic fertilizer for the production of organic agricultural products, processed sewage into the fish pond.

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