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Guangdong Hongfeng Cement Co.,Ltd.
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        Guangdong Hongfeng Cement Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Guangdong Hongfa Investment Group, specializing in cement, building materials production, the total investment 1.36 billion yuan, the project is put into operation, the annual output of about 1.5 billion yuan, the project led the industry in revenue close 120 million yuan; and provide about 600 jobs, and promote the development of local tertiary industry. The total site area of 50 million square meters, sophisticated production equipment, advanced technology, and convenient transportation, to be at the junction and the Pearl River Delta region. Currently, the factory is the largest and one of the most promising business areas Shaoguan capacity.
        Produce varieties: ordinary portland cement 42.5 (PO 42.5), Composite Portland cement 32.5 (PC 32.5), fly ash cement 32.5 (PF 32.5), with an annual output reached 4 million tons of clinker, annual output of up to 5 million tons of Portland cement. Customers can also be dedicated or special cement production, product quality and technical performance all meet or exceed the requirements of the new standard ISO country cement newly enacted; new two 4500t / d clinker cement production line and supporting cogeneration projects in response to the country's environmental policy, the implementation of energy-saving targets, firing systems in use waste heat power generation 2 × 5940 × 104kW • h, will effectively promote the new County local economic development.

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