Group Overview
Diversified development of the mid
2017 January 12, Hong Gao Group, the construction of the Dongguan from the high-speed Dongguan section officially opened to traffic.
2014 Group Huizhou Health Vocational & Technical College and signed "Hongfa Award (help) scholarship" donation agreement, donated five million yuan.
Ding Ding Feng Group source book for years to build TOP precipitation lines mansion, in April awarded "China's top ten super luxury" title.
Group and Shaoguan Municipal People's Government signed the "Shao (OFF) investment in the construction of new cooperation framework Xinfeng paragraph (HSBC) highway letter of intent", with a total investment of about 40 billion yuan.
Dongguan, Shaoguan the aid to the Third Joint Conference investment project signing ceremony was held in Shaoguan, Shaoguan Group signed a 2.5 billion yuan and the aid to the project.
Guangdong Branch Hui-speed communication with the 4G antenna widely venture capital industry and co-signing conference, group vice president, chairman of Dongguan, Guangdong Branch venture capital funds on behalf of investors wheat Jianhong were signed.
Honggao Group won the "city road lighting engineering contractor" level of intelligence, "roadbed engineering, pavement engineering contractor" Erji upgraded to level of intelligence.
Ding Feng source of the first high-level cloud Yue viewing mansion opened, creating a "one hour 400 million" luxury sales success.
2013 Hongfa Group, as chairman of the unit initiated the establishment of Dongguan, Guangdong Branch of equity investment funds.
By Hongfa Group, co-sponsored by 13 companies in the northern Gulf of Property Insurance Company officially opened, marking the Group's financial business to expand into insurance.
Guangdong Province, Hong Faci Good Foundation was established, marking the Group charity towards standardized management.
Group and co-founder of Guangdong University of Foreign Language School wide outside attached Qingyuan, marking the group education to expand basic education.
Early diversified development
2012 Dongguan Ding Feng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Rongsheng Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Ding became attached Hongfa Group two groups.
As of the end of 2012, the Group's social welfare contributions accumulated over 60 million yuan, Dongguan City charity Hongfa Ji gold increased to 10 million yuan.
Qingyuan city center hung high regional infrastructure construction, Ltd. was established, marking the group to advance the cause of Qingyuan.
Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, mark the beginning of all-round cooperation with the wide outside the group.
2011 Dongguan hung high in Guangdong Construction Engineering Co. promoted hung high Construction Group Co., Ltd., has become attached to Hongfa Group two groups.
Dongguan Humen Weiyuan Island Island Construction Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Humen hung high road network upgrade project Construction Co., Ltd. was established, becoming the first company BT Group was established in Dongguan.
City College of Dongguan University new campus is completed, ushered in the first batch of freshmen.
Longmen Royal Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established Hongfa Group formally involved in the field of ecological agriculture.
2010 Dongguan Hongfa Education Investment Ltd. was established, marking the full expansion of the Group in the field of education.
Xinfeng Fort Vietnam Cement Ltd. was established, marking the group began to advance the cause of Shaoguan.
Dongguan City, the foundation of international health industry, marking the Group opened a prelude to the development of the health industry.
Dongguan Hongfa Microfinance Limited was established, marking the Group's financial career to a new level.
Anhui Hung Yung Property Investment Limited was established, marking the group advance to the East China real estate career.
2009 Guangzhou Hung Kai Investment Co., Ltd. was established, marking the group began to expand the leisure travel market.
Invest 2 billion yuan in cooperation with Dongguan City College of Dongguan University of Technology Institute of Technology held, marking the group began to get involved in the education industry.
Participate in the construction of China's first rigid beam suspension bridge - the East River Bridge opened to traffic, the flag bridge engineering technology group reached the advanced level.
2008 Group within the Journal, "Hongfa home" founded.
2006 Hongfa Property Development Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Guangdong renamed Hongfa Investment Group Co., Ltd., the Group's development forward. Huizhou City Ding Feng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established in Dongguan estate career out of.
Capital accumulation period
1998 - 2005
2005 Dongguan East traffic asphalt, Ltd. was established.
2003 Dongguan Ding Feng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established, the Group entered the real estate industry.
2002 Dongguan Hong high Construction Engineering Co. was established municipal infrastructure is developing rapidly.
1998 Hongfa Property Development Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, was established to build a diversified development platform.
1980 - 1997
1992 City Landscaping Engineering Limited was established, committed to the construction of the garden city of Dongguan.
1986 Dongguan enterprises stone iron Kong construction company founded
1980 Hongfa Group founders founded the predecessor of the wave of reform and opening up, engaged in transportation, infrastructure construction.
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