1. Enterprise Proverbs

Section with good character and trustworthiness             Diligence love and dedication
Seeking to love broad minded                                              Doing things persevere

2. Hongfa Idea
To "fine" To this, "sincerity" trust.
We will concentrate Hongfa charm as a "sincere shaping the" concept: a responsible, motivated and dedicated attitude of staff cohesion, integration of all resources, build quality of life for the community.
Customer: dedication to the core values of quality, with a sincere intention to trust the source.
Staff: self-advocate excellence requirements to enthusiasm and sincere attitude as the basis for outstanding performance.
For investors: to achieve the best return on investment as the goal, the attitude of mutual trust and sincere encouragement to grow together.
Society: the casting quality for the benefit of the community, in good faith harvest reputation.

3. Hongfa Talent
"Loyalty ahead" for the selection of the country, "Harmony competition" for the timber of the Road, "people do their best" to Yucai of the system.

4. Hongfa business concept
"Allocation of resources" optimization, maximization "cost-effectiveness", "good faith cooperation" of mutual benefit.

5. Hongfa client Outlook
To "fine" to impress customers, "good faith" to retain customers, "perfect", dedication

6. Hongfa spirit

Seeking progressive, practical tasks, gather enthusiasm, causing perfect
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