Human Resourc
Employees are the cornerstone of the enterprise's core competitiveness.
Hongfa Group since its inception, is committed to create a people-oriented corporate culture, so that each employee to share the joy of success Hongfa Group.

1) Design humane working time: 5 days / week, 7.5 hours / days of work, statutory holidays according to national regulations;
2) attentive staff Subsidies: food subsidies, housing subsidies, transportation subsidies, communications subsidies, relocation, etc;
3) to protect the integrity of employee benefits: social insurance, housing fund, employee travel, medical staff, continuing education awards, annuities, difficulty assistance payments, maternity condolences, pensions and so on;
4) comprehensive leave management program: annual leave, statutory holidays, marriage, maternity, family planning leave, paternity leave, injury leave, etc;
5) improve employee care plan: Internal purchase offer, Games, New Year party, a traditional holiday benefits, union benefits, party activity and fitness activities.

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