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  • Dongguan best real estate company headquarters shortlisted companies list
    The first half of this year, Dongguan (real estate) property market is not optimistic, from the beginning of the end of August, the market will gradually pick up, trading volume and turnover has been rising, the property market showed booming demand and supply situation, greatly encouraged the real estate property market in Dongguan develop confidence.
  • Day and helping the poor in Guangdong Dongguan Charity Day on the first day to donate 62.88 million yuan in Dongguan
    Another year Charity Day, yesterday morning, Dongguan City in 2014, "helping the poor in Guangdong Dongguan Charity Day and Day" launch event was held at the City Conference Building. The city hosted the direction issued by "helping the poor and loving" initiative to mobilize all sectors of society abundantly charity, enthusiastic contributions. City leaders Xu Jianhua, Yuan Baocheng, Li Yuquan, Yao Hong, Huang Shuangfu, and other relevant units and municipal leaders and leaders in charge of towns Street, as well as a few big way city government cadres, troops stationed in Dongguan, advanced members, members and volunteers, community representatives of the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation, police officers, social workers, nearly 800 people attended the ceremony.
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