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Matilda pragmatic, united and promising

       Matilda - "University Road, in Mingming, the PFP, in all worlds" - "Book • University".
       Matilda, namely promoting honest character, which is the most important corporate social responsibility.
       To do a hundred years, you must have a high degree of responsibility for the humanities, must be de Ye. Germany who covers honesty, letter, refined, loyal, Yin, constant, etc., to Germany for the first, is the duty of doing things, but also to the German entrepreneurs to act during the performance of the world's best-compatible general demeanor, it is Hongfa Group selection and appointment of the first condition.
       Pragmatic - botch talk, hard work-rate
       Enterprise, is to go step by step on the road, quit impulsive exaggeration, ambitious.
       Pragmatic, sustainable development of enterprises is benevolent. Pragmatic spirit Hongfa Group inception existence, but also our business tradition precipitated the most valuable thing is the cornerstone of sustainable development.
       Solidarity - things are in harmony, unity and strength born
       Hongfa people united, help each other, sincere together, interdependent with each other, interrelated and work together to fully develop the resilience and sustainable innovation capability of the team, because we believe that only rely on our joint forces in order to create more miracles, Hongfa promote the cause of sustainable development.
       Something to do - stand swan, to whom the teacher has
       This is Hongfa people in Middlebury, pragmatic, united after higher demands on himself. As the "real man can not do without Li Shi Zhi", each person has a firm belief determined Hongfa promising, not only to do business, but also to make a successful career.
       There are aboveboard business ethics, corporate style of pragmatic development, unity of attitude, then determined in the heart, Hongfa people must make a difference。

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