Enterprise Culture

        Hongfa Group LOGO distortion comes from a combination of the letters "H" and "M", where "H" to "Hongfa," the first phonetic alphabet, agents Hongfa Group; "M" for the group founder founding family name. "the first phonetic alphabet Jimmy "character, representing the spirit of tradition and continuity Hongfa. English through a clever combination of distortion, just as the two men shake hands, both a symbol of Hongfa Group with the community sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, and the implication of all Hongfa people work closely together, collaborate together.
        LOGO with deep red as the main color, a symbol of passion and vitality, representing steady and willpower, meaning Hongfa Group enterprising, innovative, thriving businesses, flourish.
        Founder square, athletic, LOGO with square blocks of color and letter combination, and sketched out a pragmatic progressive, steady development, open and inclusive corporate image. Chinese people from an aesthetic point of view, LOGO like 一枚 Quartet seal, the enterprise "sincere cooperation, honest" business philosophy permanently imprinted in people's values in Hongfa.

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