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Investment & Construction
Municipal Investment and Construction Group is the leading industry, with its two main groups Honggao Group, the management infrastructure-related businesses, mainly involved in the construction of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the new high-speed, Wando Shenzhen Expressway and other major infrastructure projects; Development Construction Industry Investment as Xinfeng Fort Vietnam cement Co., Qingyuan City concrete Co., Ltd., Tai Fung; actively expand BT projects, such as Humen, Qingyuan and other places BT projects.

Developed over a total length of 900 km road construction, of which over 200 km highway,
Over 600 km highway, bridge construction total more than 300 seats,
A total length of over 120 kilometers.
Annual capacity of over 100 billion yuan of construction
Over 200 billion yuan in the construction project
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