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Investment & Construction
Municipal Investment and Construction Group is the leading industry, with its two main groups Honggao Group, the management infrastructure-related businesses, mainly involved in the construction of the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the new high-speed, Wando Shenzhen Expressway and other major infrastructure projects; Development Construction Industry Investment as Xinfeng Fort Vietnam cement Co., Qingyuan City concrete Co., Ltd., Tai Fung; actively expand BT projects, such as Humen, Qingyuan and other places BT projects.

Infrastructure projects:
Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, the new high-speed, wide-high-speed, Wando Shenzhen Expressway, Long Lin high-speed, high speed often tiger, Chang Hui-speed, high speed from Wando, Dongguan section of 107 State Road, Wan Long Road, Wan Hui Road, east Shenzhen Highway, North King Highway, Dongguan fast, western fast, the Fifth Ring Road, port Road, environmental protection, sewage pipe network; the East River Bridge, Weiyuan Humen Bridge, Han River Bridge, Ashimura Bridge, Xiamen Haicang Bridge West Approach, Gap Bridge, Bridge Dalingshan tunnel.

Construction: City College of Dongguan University of Technology, Qingyuan City Training Center and the first secondary school, new school campus sports stadium in Dongguan, Hongfa Building, International Plaza Qaboos Ding gold; Dongguan enterprises Shi Shihua mills, Dongguan Di Stationery Co., DaoJiao Pioneer Park supporting dormitory.

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